New Post on Medium: “Advent Reflections: The Seed of Abraham”

Advent Reflections: The Seed of Abraham

Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac
“Is anything too wonderful for the LORD?”

Abraham and Sarah had a son, Isaac, when they were both “as good as dead.” What does that tell us about Jesus? My latest blog post continues the seed motif I began with “On Snakes and Advent.” As subscribers to this blog, I am giving you free links to my Medium articles. FYI, Medium offers three free articles per month. But my free links will not count toward that three.

2 thoughts on “New Post on Medium: “Advent Reflections: The Seed of Abraham”

  1. Bill

    I live in a small town in East Texas, we have a church on almost every corner.
    This town is definitely pro trump and the people claim to be Christians.
    I really don’t understand how you can be a Christian and support a person like trump.
    To me all these people are lost souls, hypocrites.
    I believe our Country is in big trouble and the main Religion of America is “Money.”


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